Hunt’sOn Safari’s is based in the heart of the Eastern Cape.  Our area has the largest variety of species to offer anywhere in the world.  It varies from Savannah grasslands to thick heavy bush which makes it suitable for a wide variety of game.

Rifle and Bow-Hunting

Hunt’sOn Safaris caters for rifle and bow-hunting and owns an excellent pack of hunting dogs for exciting bushpig and caracal hunts.

For the bushpig hunters we offer the most adrenaline filled hunt, hunting with hounds. It is one of the most exciting hunts to be involved in. Packs usually number anywhere from 10 to 15 hounds and consist of Blue and Red Ticks as well as Fox hounds. For any hunter who enjoys pig hunting, this hunt is a must and one that is highly recommended.

For the cat hunters we offer Caracal hunting with hounds. Once the hounds has found a hot scent the hunt is on, with Caracals often covering several kilometers and hours before treeing.

Firearms & Outfits

Firearms will be available for rent if you are unable to bring your own. If you do not have camouflage clothing, please ensure that your outfits are dark green or neutral in colour.

What to pack

In Case of an Emergency

A full first-aid kit is available at the camp and qualified doctors are within reach in the unlikely event of an emergency